Lines of Defense

"Why do I always have to be right, Theresa? It's driving me crazy trying to cover all the bases at once and still come out of the game with a home run!"

The woman who was asking my advice put the problem of always having to be right in different, but succinct, terms. It is not only exhausting and self-defeating to try to "cover all the bases," but it is not God's way to peace of mind.

If you are having trouble with defensiveness in your life - if you must be right no matter how insignificant the outcome and you are frustrated and troubled because of it - then you may be helped by the direction the Holy Spirit gave us that day through the Psalms. "God is my shield; he will defend me. He saves those whose hearts and lives are true and right. God is a judge who is perfectly fair" (Psalm 7:10-11a, TLB).

Examining your motives before you speak puts a whole new light on things. Do you want to be right to be liked and admired, or do you sincerely want to help and uplift other people? The former attitude puts the emphasis on you; the latter puts it on others and exemplifies the servant-spirit Christ tells us to have.

In reaching out to others, we must allow God to defend us instead of always feeling we must defend ourselves. When we put down our self-defense, we come out a winner!

God loves you and wants to answer your prayer. Say this prayer with me:

Dear Father, thank You for showing me that I no longer have to battle to be right in every situation, because YOU are my defense. Please, Father, give me wisdom to know when to speak on my own behalf and when to be quiet, knowing there are times for both. Thank you for the peace of mind that is mine tonight because I have placed my defense in Your hands. In Jesus' Name, Amen.