PRINTSan Diego Ethnic Meetings Photo Report

Jun 29, 2015

WINNING SOULS in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA! After 68 Years of Worldwide Ministry, Morris Cerullo Offers the Same National Training to His Home Base in San Diego, California! Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession (Psalm 2:8). Partner, your ministry is having the most amazing breakthroughs. You have prayed for me and given your faithful support while I have travelled tirelessly, training Nationals throughout the world. Recently, God led us to hold three separate crusade rallies this month within the Hispanic, Filipino, and African communities in San Diego, California, our home base. We felt compelled to communicate the vision of the Legacy Center in these crusade meetings, just like the ones we have conducted all over the world. We held meetings in a local high school auditorium, and at the Mission Valley Resort Center (the future site of the Legacy Center). We mobilized local pastors and leaders with the same proof-producing power that Jesus demonstrated. We wanted to touch all of these groups and mobilize them into ministry, because without them reaching their own people, there is no hope. It is just like what we have done for the past 68 years—training the Filipinos to reach the Filipinos, training the Africans to reach the Africans, and training the Hispanics to reach the Hispanics. Our mission was to inspire these groups to move within their own communities, train them, and give them the same thing God has given Nationals all over the world. It has to work in our home base. Partner, you’re a part of it! Your prayers and your support are a critical part of winning the lost in San Diego-no matter where you live in the world! Receiving The Impartation From God’s Servant. Salvations—Healings—Deliverances Demonstrated in San Diego!
Training Hispanics to Reach Hispanics! Partner, we rented the Sweetwater High School auditorium in National City, just like we do overseas. The anointing of God was so strong. He gave me a special Word for these precious people. Jesus paid the price. You are free in Him! With my translator, Pastor Hernan Castaño, my translator and spiritual son. There is nothing greater than the Word of God! His Word declares: You are free in Jesus Christ! Pastor Danny de la Cruz from Mount Zion Church, worshipping God in Spanish! You didn’t have to speak English at all. You could feel God’s awesome Presence in the building! Your support enabled us to bring the Gospel with more than one hundred people coming forth for salvation. We took ground for Jesus Christ in San Diego! Hundreds of people, hungry for the Word of God, came forth to receive His dynamic prophetic anointing to empower others with the Gospel! Over One Hundred People Came Forward for Salvation! Over 90% of the Congregation Received Healing!
Filipinos Reaching Filipinos! The anointing was so heavy! The people could not help but cry out to God-receiving a fresh touch! Filipino pastors Norman Villareal (left), and Anthony Miranda (right), hungry for God’s prophetic impartation for their lives—just like overseas. Partner, I have always had a deep and lasting love for the Filipino people, having held my first crusade in the Philippines in 1959. Over the years, the Filipino population in San Diego has grown to almost 200,000 people, and represents the largest Asian group in California. Your support is helping us raise up leaders from this community. You are raising up modern day Peters and Pauls to turn their eyes to their own communities and bring revival! It was Filipino Independence Day when these pastors in San Diego listened to the Filipino National Anthem with hands on their hearts. Pastors included from left: Norman Villareal, Ric Narag, Dianette Aquino, Arnel Aquino, John Mejica, Sande Wilson, and Anthony Miranda. Africans Reaching Africans! Young Africans praying for each other! A new generation of proof producers! Mama joined us! (We love you, Mama!) This praise team came all the way from Utah to join us in San Diego! They were awesome! Partner, because of you, we experienced a great coming together of African leaders and believers from seven nations--Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia—along with African-American leaders. Your prayers and support transformed lives that night through salvations and healings!
Africans Reaching Africans! Bishop George Dallas McKinney, of St. Stephens Church of God in Christ, joined us in support of God’s plan for San Diego. The Spirit of God moved mightily at the altar in this meeting! People rushed en masse to receive the impartation! Pastor Michael Yemba, my spiritual son originally from South Sudan, leading everyone in prayer during the meeting Africans responding to the Word of God with joy Partner, we cannot tell you how much you have meant to us. You have helped us to reach our local community so that they in turn, may bring hope and salvation to their people. That is the key to a dying world—Hispanics training Hispanics, Filipinos training Filipinos, and Africans training Africans. We could not have done this without your loving, faithful support. You are changing lives. Together, you and I are reaching the world with the Gospel. Maybe you cannot be in San Diego with me. Perhaps you cannot travel throughout the world to bring the Gospel to China, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Israel, but wherever I go, you are with me. You play a most important part. You are critical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ reaching the world. None of us could have done these rallies to the Hispanic, Filipino, and African communities without you. Mama and I love you! Together, you and I will move forward training leaders, touching the world, and changing lives! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God bless you. I love you more than words can say. MORRIS CERULLO WORLD EVANGELISM Web site: U.S.: P.O. Box 85277, San Diego, CA 92186 | Tel: (858) 633-4885 U.K.: P.O. Box 277, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 7DH | Tel: 44(0)1442-232432 CAN.: P.O. Box 3600, Concord, Ontario L4K 1B6 | Tel: (905) 669-1788 | CAN. Web site: