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Apr 5, 2013

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Mar 24, 2013

Morris Speaks To Standing Room Only Crowd in Los Angeles!

On Sunday, March 24, Morris Cerullo spoke about his life to a packed, standing room only crowd in Los Angeles. With several never-before-told sections of this excerpt, Dr. Cerullo shares with the crowd step-by-step details of how God miraculously saved him as a Jewish orphan, called him, and how God is calling you to fulfill your end-time destiny NOW!

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Do You Want to be Used by God?
by Dr. Morris Cerullo

Thank you. What an awesome presence of God is in the building tonight. I have a feeling that many people tonight are going to have an extreme touch from the Holy Spirit.

Father, receive tonight all the honor. Receive tonight all the expressions of the tokens of our love which we express to each other. We are expressing them to You because You are the only One worthy to be praised.

I want to thank you. It’s a great honor for Brother Cerullo to be here with you. We have been friends for so many years. It’s so wonderful to see you and to share with you.

We’re in a very special season of time. The God that you and I serve is a God that manifests Himself in certain seasons. The reason why God does this is because He is a God of plan. And He is a God of purpose. And He is a God of design. And He is a God of objectivity. So He moves under His divine manifestation of what He wants to accomplish. Now, is there anybody here tonight ready for God to touch you so that His purposes and His plans and His will for your life will be manifested tonight?

Somebody say “seasons.”

In a few days, you and I are going to commemorate a glorious season. Good Friday is coming upon us. Resurrection Day is coming upon us. Somebody asked me one time and I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you this. They said to me, “Do you believe that this coming Sunday is actually the day when Jesus rose? Or Good Friday? Are those the actual real dates? What about Christmas? Is that the real time Jesus Christ was born?”

Now, I’ve read a lot of books and I’ve read a lot of people’s ideas about these things. Some people want to prove that December was not Christmas — that Jesus wasn’t born in December. Well, help yourself. See, this little Jew preacher does not have time to get involved in things that have no meaning!

Anybody here love Israel? Well, I heard that you have a very special place in your heart for Israel. Well, I want to tell you some good news. This year is Brother Cerullo’s 51st year of ministry in Israel. 51 years in a row!

I was raised a Jew. My mother was an Orthodox Jew. I lost both of my parents when I was less than two years of age. So I was raised as an orphan. When you have five children in the family (I was the baby), and the state took over our entire family because we were orphans. They decided that because my mother was a Jew, that I would be raised Jewish. How many of you know that if your mother is a Jew, you’re a Jew. Your father can be anything. See, we men really don’t matter. (laughter) So the state took over our family. I was Orthodox. I was bar mitzvahed at 13 years of age. I walked through the temple, carried the Holy Torah. Every day, I was in Hebrew school as well as the regular schools.

When I was 14½ years of age, an incredible miracle happened. Inside the Jewish Orthodox Orphanage, the Doors of Miriam, in Clifton, New Jersey, the Heavens opened. God came to a little Jewish orphan boy and God brought him the message that Jesus Christ is His Messiah. It’s a wonderful story. It’s a glorious story of miracles of how God transformed the life of that little Jewish boy. Is anybody Baptist here? Nobody’s Baptist? How many of you were previously Baptist?

Well I love the Baptists. You know why? It was a Baptist lady who had gone through a terrible experience of a broken home that one day the call of God came upon her life and she dedicated her life to bringing the message of the Messiah to the Jews. A Baptist lady! She was a nurse. Anybody here have medical backgrounds? Anybody here is a nurse? Well, I got half a dozen nurses here. She was a nurse. She saw an ad for a nurse in the Jewish Orthodox Orphanage where Brother Cerullo was being raised. Now she’s a Gentile. And this is an Orthodox orphanage with rabbis. She goes to the orphanage and she says I would like to apply for this job and she fills out the application and the first miracle that happened was they accepted her application.

Now, don’t think that the God you serve is insignificant. There are many people in this building tonight. I can sense it in the Holy Spirit — the devil has convinced you to think less of yourself than what God thinks about you. Anybody here want to elevate your mind and elevate your spirit? Alright, raise your right hand. Say this after me. I am not what the devil says, I am what God says I am. And tonight, I am going to step into my endtime destiny! Oh my God! Yes!

There are doors that tonight are going to be opened for hundreds of people in this building. God is going to manifest Himself and reveal to you His purpose for your life! Somebody give him a clap offering!

Now, she’s in the orphanage called The Daughters of Miriam and she was faithful as a nurse taking care of the young kids, myself, and it was also a home for elderly people. So she’s working for the old people and working for the kids. Now she’s there for over a year.

Anybody here ever manifest the will of God in your life? Anybody? And experience moments of discouragement? Now, don’t shake your head at me! You gotta shout “amen.”

Now I don’t know, I had a message but I just put it away because I feel like God is going to touch people in this building tonight in a very special way. This is an incredible special season. When you are celebrating the Resurrection, but something is happening at this very season right now. I think I better tell you that there is somebody at the right hand of God. His name is Jesus Christ, the High Priest and He’s touched with every feeling of every need — of every longing — of every discouragement. He’s touched! Now! Now! Now! Oh my God! There’s power in this place. I wouldn’t be surprised if this building got on fire!

There are people in this building tonight by the scores. An experience is going to take place in your life tonight. The discouragement is going to be destroyed and there is a revival in this place tonight. A revival of confidence you once had. God is going to revive it! Somebody put your hands up and speak in different tongues!

Now, this nurse’s name was Ethel Kerr. After being there for one year and she never had an opportunity to open her mouth and give testimony to anybody, she was very discouraged. Because you see, she didn’t have the experience of the Holy Spirit — she was Baptist. One day while she was making one of the beds up in one of the bedrooms which was the responsibility of the nurse, she dropped to her knees. And she cried out to God. I have a feeling. Now you say, Brother Cerullo, what do you mean you have a feeling? There’s a sense of the leading of the Holy Spirit here. You are no longer going to confess discouragement. No! Never again. Now, you didn’t hear me. That’s alright. No, it’s okay.

She cried out to God and said, now I’ve been here for a whole year. I haven’t been able to talk to anybody about Christ. You sent me as a missionary here. She said I can’t take it anymore. Anybody ever come to that place with your experience with God? How about preachers on the platform? God, I just can’t take it anymore because I’m not seeing what I’m supposed to see!

Anybody believe that God speaks to people? No, you don’t believe it. Don’t shake your head at me. Shout! I can’t hear you when you shake your head.

I’m going to tell you something by revelation here tonight. God knows I tell you the truth as His prophet. I did not intend to say one word that I’ve said so far. Somebody’s going to get a breakthrough here tonight!

So God spoke to Ethel. He speaks to Baptists. And He says, “Go to the window!” And she got up and went to the window and she said, “God what is it?” And He said, “What do you see?” She said, “I don’t see anything.” God said, “Take a look again.”

It was a driveway that went all the way around the orphanage and then there was a big wooded area over to the right. She said, “God, I don’t see anything.” He said, “Well, look again.” She said, “Well, I see a little boy walking up the driveway.”

And God said to her, “Don’t say just a little boy. I have sent you here to bring that little boy to My Son!”

Does anybody here tonight believe that God has a plan for your life?

To this day, I bow in humility because God said to Ethel, “I see something in that boy. I am going to use him for My honor, for My glory.”

There is an All-seeing Eye that’s in this building tonight. And God sees into the very depths of your heart and the very depths of your mind and the very depths of your spirit. And I want you to know tonight that you are not what the devil says you are, but you are what God says you are! And tonight you are going to step into your destiny.

For 67 years God has used that little boy.

God says to me to tell you He sees something in you tonight. He will use it for His glory.

There were many hard days to come for Morris, a lot of persecution, a lot of stripes on his back because he received the Messiah. It was not an easy thing. I’m not going to tell you about those days. But I am going to tell you when I was 14½ years of age, I walked out of that orphanage. No father — no mother — the only person I knew in the world was the woman that brought me the message of salvation and they kicked her out as soon as they found out that she had been talking to me about Jesus. They kicked her out of the orphanage.

Where was I going to go? 14½ years of age. Anybody picture a boy of 14½ years of age? No, you can’t. Try. He’s walking out of the orphanage. There’s a blizzard outside — snow that you can hardly see in front of his eyes. And he gets down to a street in Clifton called Main Street. The little boy — the only prayers he ever knew were the prayers that he prayed in the Hebrew school. He didn’t know that there was really truly a God that could hear. And on the street corner in the blizzard, he threw his hands up — 14½ years of age — and he cried out, “God, if there’s any such a thing as a Jesus, let Him come and be with me right now.”

A little 14½ year old boy stood on the street corner of Clifton, New Jersey, in a blizzard. The Heavens opened. All of a sudden, a presence of God came on his right side and I felt something take a hold of my hand. And then on the other side, I felt something come and take a hold of my hand. I felt two beings on my right and left side. And all of a sudden, I began to walk being led by two angels. I got to a place in New Jersey, in front of a place called the Montaugh Theater.

I don’t know why, you know I’ve never told this story. I got an idea that God is going to raise up people in this building. Oh my God! Oh my God! There is an anointing of fire in this place tonight.

And when I got to this place in New Jersey. Same street walked for miles, when I got to this place in New Jersey. All of a sudden, I felt my hand open and I felt the power left me. And when I opened my eyes, standing in front of me, was Mrs. Kerr.

Somebody give Him praise! He is worthy! This is your night! You’re going to get a breakthrough! It’s alright to speak in tongues in a place like this. He that speaketh in an unknown tongue, he doesn’t speak to man, he talks to God. You can talk to Him.

Experiences came fast. I received an impartation of the Holy Spirit. No one ever told me about tongues. No one ever told me about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But I was between the age of 14½ and 15. I was filled with the Holy Spirit — spoke in tongues — in the middle of the night.

So I get on the phone. You say Brother Cerullo, what happened to you that night? Well, Mrs. Kerr took me to her brother’s house who was a born-again Baptist Christian. And I’m speaking in tongues in the Baptist home. And they are thinking, well, this kid has really gone off his rocker. I said, “The pastor of the church where you go to, do you have his phone number?” They said, “Yeah.” I said, “I’m going to ring him up.”

Now this is past midnight. So I ring him up and I tell him, I’m in this house and I’m speaking these languages and I’m getting interpretations of what I am speaking. He said, “Don’t worry about it son. You’re being filled with the Holy Ghost.”

Oh, my Jesus.

I want to tell you one more story. There are people here in this building tonight that need to hear this little Scripture — John 15:16, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.”

And you’re not looking to go through five years of Bible College or three years of cemeteries, excuse me, I mean seminaries. What? Because the ordination of this darling little wife of yours has, she didn’t get in any theological seminary, brother. She got it at the feet of God Almighty. God called her. God ordained her.

Oh my God!

Now, I’m 15 years of age. Okay? I’ve been out of the orphanage for three or four months and the people around me got really excited because here’s a little Jewish boy that has come to Christ. So you know what they wanted to do? They wanted to set me up in the ministry. They wanted me to get a little house or a little store window and put a shingle outside and have a little outreach to the Jew.

Now, let me tell you something. Anybody ready? You’re not ready. I think I’m going to go to the next church down the street. You’re not ready!

I have to get it out. I have to tell them because I have an idea there’s enough people that are going to be touched by the Holy Spirit tonight that God will use you to move Anaheim, Santa Ana, Los Angeles and shake it!

You say, what protected you? God.

Now, you need to understand that this is not make believe. And this is not ordinary. I know the Holy Spirit nor Morris is going to be able to get through to too many of you because you’re too ordinary. I’m going to make a prophecy here tonight. God is about to open the windows of Heaven. And there is coming a manifestation of the power of God like the world has never seen.

See, some people have the idea pastor, that the book of Acts is finished. The book of Acts will never be finished until we are all home and the end is come. Why? Because God chooses to work through the Holy Spirit and continue to write one chapter, another chapter, another chapter, another chapter.

Now, I’m in an Assembly of God church. Anybody ever hear of the Assemblies of God? They’re alright. They’re like the Baptists but they’re okay.

I’m a little boy, 15 years of age and the pastor gives a call Sunday night to come to the front and pray. Now, I’ve already received this manifestation of the Holy Spirit. I rush up out of my seat and run to the front and I begin to pray. And all of a sudden, God transports me from this earth into the Heavenlies. Your young men shall see visions (Joel 2:28).

I am completely out of myself because I don’t understand any of this. If you ask me to explain it, I can’t explain it now, 67 years later. How can I explain it 67 years later? Transported out of this earth and I’m somewhere up in the Heavens and I’m sitting in the cloud in the sky with millions of people as far as the human eye could see. And all of a sudden, in front of that immense innumerable amount of people, a light appears.

Can I tell you that Brother Cerullo saw God? No, but like Moses I saw a manifestation of His presence. It shone like a million moons, a million suns, a million stars. Its brightness and its glory was indescribable. And it shone. I could not explain the majesty of it. And all of a sudden to the right side of the presence of God, a ray shot out. And it hit my body. My whole body lit up. And I was drawn by that ray from that multitude of people. I was drawn to stand next to that manifestation of the presence of God.

Then something strange happened. That manifestation of the presence of God standing there, all of a sudden as if it had feet but it had no feet, it just moved about a foot away from me. Oh my God! My whole being trembled with fear. First, the exhilaration of being drawn by that manifestation of His presence and power which was His light that shown all over my body. And then have the presence of God move away from me.

And I looked where the presence of God was standing and there were two foot prints but this presence had no feet. There were two footprints. And I looked into those footprints and what I saw has never left me. Up underneath those footprints, I saw flames of fire. I saw the souls of lost men and women. I heard cries such as you could not describe of people that were living in torment and in Hell. Not one word was spoken in this vision up until this time. I looked at the footprints and I saw the fires. I heard the screams, indescribable torment. And I took my feet and I put one foot in this footprint here and I took the other foot and I put it in the other footprint and all of a sudden I felt power come over me, around me. My shoulders were on fire. And then the voice of God spoke out of that presence and said to me, “You will stand in the place that I have made for you and the multitudes of millions will be converted.”

From that day, God sent that boy to almost every known nation in the world. Sometimes we would see at peak intervals 500,000 people in one service. 80% of my life in ministry has not been in the United States of America, but has been in the underprivileged, underdeveloped nations of the world.

You must be very special. I’ve never told this story like this. We’ve seen 100,000 Hindus, 100,000 Muslims, the people we call terrorists today kneel on the ground and give their life to Jesus in one meeting.

And all this time, I knew God was sending a Jew to the Gentiles, but I knew that one day the time would come when God would use that little Jewish boy to reach Israel. That time is now! Israel belongs to Jesus!

Now remain standing on your feet. I am going to stop. I love you.

Father, there is an awesome manifestation of Your very presence here. You’re wanting me to tell these people that in this season, Your Son is being touched by the feeling of their infirmities. And He is interceding for them right now, for the healing of their body. He is interceding for you right now. Your life, your ministry, your family, will never be the same after this service is over tonight. Your High Priest is now at the right hand of God. The resurrected Son of the living God! Touch! Touch! Touch! It’s all of your body. It’s all over your body! The heat of the living God is all over your body. Oh, mighty God. Jesus. Oh my God.

Anybody here want God to use your life?

Stretch your hands out as far as you can. Lift up holy hands of faith without wrath. Holy, Holy, Holy! Go on, speak in other tongues, talk to God.

This is an excerpted message from Dr. Cerullo at his personal appearance on March 24 at Breath of The Spirit Ministries. Located in Los Angeles, California, Breath of The Spirit is pastored by Dr. Michelle Corral.

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