Jun 10, 2015

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Watch the exciting video of my Israel trip. Then, see the graphic pictorial of this amazing journey by scrolling below. You can also click any of the images below to download the report in a PDF format.

Dr. Morris Cerullo Receives Lifetime Global Impact Award In Jerusalem, Israel on Pentecost Sunday Partner, you made it possible for me to go to God’s Holy City, Jerusalem, on special assignment, during the sacred season of Pentecost. You were with me every step of the way! One of the major highlights of this journey was being presented the Lifetime Global Impact Award for over 68 years of worldwide ministry. I was given this significant award by the Empowered21 Global Congress in the Payis Arena, Jerusalem’s largest indoor stadium. Empowered21 is a multi- denominational organization, composed of spiritual leaders who will help shape the future of the global, Spirit-empowered movement throughout the world. There to present this most prestigious award to me was Dr. William Wilson (right), President of Oral Roberts University, and Dr. George Wood (left), General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God. The tokens of this highly esteemed award were a gilded shofar and a silver globe of the world. Dr. Wilson spoke to this audience of more than 4,500 ministry leaders from around the world. “The Bible instructs us to ‘give honor to whom honor is due.’ It is with great joy that we present awards to these forefathers of the Spirit-empowered movement. The collective ministries of these giants of the faith have transformed the lives of millions of people ...” Dr. George Wood, Co-Chair of Empowered21 and General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Dr. William Wilson, President and Global Co-Chair of Empowered21 and President of Oral Roberts University More than 4,500 believers from around the world joined together to pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and honored God’s servant for more than 68 years of ministry.
“Hundreds of my sons and daughters in the Gospel were Present from around the world.” Many of my sons and daughters in the Gospel are now ministry world leaders, heads of some of the largest churches in the world. I couldn’t walk down the street or walk in the hotel lobby without some of them coming to me to say, “I was saved in your meeting,” “I was raised up in your meeting,” or “my pastor started after being influenced by your teachings.” Preaching in the Pavilion Auditorium in Jerusalem to believers who came from all over the world. On Pentecost morning, I was the first speaker in a six-hour prayer service conducted at the great Pavilion Auditorium, where you and I helped raise over a million dollars towards its completion. Sammy Rodriguez, one of our nation’s most influential leading Latino ministers, is a son of the Gospel, as well as founder and leader of the largest Latino ministry network in the United States. Many sons and daughters in the Gospel rushed to receive God’s impartation from my life to theirs God led me to devote additional time during my visit to be interviewed by the international Christian media, including the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Mama and I with TBN’s Matt and Laurie Crouch. With award-winning journalist and entrepreneur Steve Strang, who I personally thanked for his support and coverage of many of our meetings. Cindy Jacobs and King of Kings Senior Pastor Wayne Hilsden joined me. Mama and I with Claudio and Betty Freidzon. Claudio is a spiritual son. A best-selling author, Claudio pastors a 30,000-member church in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Upper Room Experience—Direct From Jerusalem! God led me to the Upper Room where I prayed and asked the Lord to remember and honor your prayers. I prayed for the release of God’s commanded blessing of plenty, with an expectation of a Pentecost outpouring that would touch every part of your life. Praying for You at the Wailing Wall! At the Wailing Wall, personally praying over your prayer requests. Your prayer request is important to me. Here I am at the Wailing Wall Plaza in Jerusalem, praying over every name of those who called for prayer during our Pentecost webcast. Partner, as always, when you sent me your prayer request, it was immediately printed and given to me. I took your name and prayer request to the Western Wailing Wall. Your name was in my hand. Your prayer request was in my hand. You were with me as I prayed over your prayer request at the Wailing Wall and joined with you in prayer over your needs. That is how much I truly love you. The Upper Room was when the Church was born over 2,000 years ago. The Gospel of Jesus Christ spread from this room to every nation on earth.
Over 50 Years of Proclaiming That Jesus Christ Is the Messiah! Partner, in 1955, God laid a burden on my heart to reach the Jews, and it was that year that I made my first journey to Israel. In 1967, God spoke to me and said, “Son, now is the time to turn your eyes to the Middle East, and begin to work for My people, Israel.” Since then, God has used you and me to minister to the nation of Israel. Ever since I received the Gospel message of Jesus Christ as a young boy in the Daughters of Miriam Orphanage, I have had a deep spiritual desire to reach the Jewish people for Jesus Christ. Because of our love for the Jewish people, you and I conducted a special worship and ministry service for Russian Jewish and Hebrew believers in Jerusalem. You and I are supporting the King of Glory church in Jerusalem. This growing congregation, whose vision is to preach the Gospel of Yeshua Hamashiach, through TV, radio, and the Internet, is purchasing its own 5,000 square-foot space to reach even more Jews and Israelis in Jerusalem. We are providing funds to help them launch a new site for their church and encourage their own fundraising to renovate the space. This will inspire them to believe for their own miracle. Israeli King of Glory Jerusalem Pastor Oren Lev Ari. The double portion outpouring they had prayed for arrived in a great night of ministry. Partner, this special journey to Israel was incredible. I cannot place in these few pages the magnitude of this experience. I could not have gone to Israel without you. I carried you with me accepting the Lifetime Global Impact Award, praying for you in the Upper Room during the Pentecost webcast, preaching at the Pavilion in Jerusalem, and carrying your prayer requests to the Wailing Wall where I prayed over your needs. Each step of the way, you were with me when hundreds of sons and daughters came to tell me how much our (yours and mine!) ministry impacted and transformed their lives. It has been your faithful prayers and support all of these years that has enabled me to do what God commanded us to do, when He said, “Son, build Me an army.” Together, you and I are shaking the world and changing lives! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God bless you. I love you. Holy Land in November! I am returning to Israel in November. Hundreds of my Partners will join me on this special trip to the Holy Land. Over 1,000 people residing in Israel are eagerly awaiting a planned evening of ministry on November 21 in Tel Aviv. Call 858-277-2200 ext. 2224 to see how you can join me. Brother Cerullo MORRIS CERULLO WORLD EVANGELISM U.S.: P.O. Box 85277, San Diego, CA 92186 • U.K.: P.O. Box 277, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 7DH CAN.:P.O.Box3600,Concord,OntarioL4K1B6 • Web site: 26451

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