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A Brief History of our Work for the Jewish People

Just prior to the six day war, Dr. Cerullo was in the back of a bus ministering in South America, when he heard the voice of God say: "Now is the time to turn your attention to Israel."

Dr. Cerullo immediately went to Israel and conducted his first Israel, School of Ministry, where he trained Israeli nationals.

Since that time Dr. Cerullo has conducted a School of Ministry every year where hundreds of Israelis (both Jews and Arabs) have been trained to reach their nations for Christ.

God said "Son, now is the time to turn your eyes to the Middle East and begin to work for My people...ISRAEL."


First Mass mailing if Hear O ISRAEL, evangelistic literature in Hebrew to over 400,000 homes in Israel.

First Israel Deeper Life Conference in Jerusalem - 150 Jews accepted Jesus as Messiah.


Besorat Shalom Israel Bible Correspondence Course with 20,000 Jews enrolled!


Second Mass Mailing - 500,000 Jewish homes in ISRAEL received Hear O Israel.


Third mass mailing to 500,000 ISRAELI homes -the prophetic book of Daniel translated into Hebrew.


Weekly evangelistic broadcasts beamed into ISRAEL by high-powered radio.


Second and third ISRAELI conferences held in ISRAEL with hundreds of Jews receiving salvation!


Additional ISRAELI conferences held in Israel with hundreds more Jews receiving salvation!

Masada Television special directed to North American Jews. Nearly 200,000 Jews responded - many find salvation!


Two Men From Eden - written and distributed to 3.2 million homes in North America. Over 10,000 responded.


Besorat Shalom bible Correspondence Course now grows to 25,000 Jews in Israel!


Two Men from Eden translated into German, Hebrew and Spanish languages.


Two Men From Eden - over 200,000 copies mailed to homes in Jerusalem

of the 80's

Two Men From Eden translated into Russian; over 100,000 copies distributed to Russian Jews in Moscow and Jerusalem!

  • 1st Inaugural ISRAEL School of Ministry (400,000 in attendance)
  • Two Men From Eden...100,000 copies mailed to homes in Tel Aviv!
  • European satellite Super Channel beams "VICTORY" television program into over 100,000 homes in ISRAEL.
  • 1,000,000 copies of the book "Messiah" mailed in ISRAEL.

of the 90's

The Rabbi - a full-length motion picture, was released worldwide. This inspiring saga of a leading Jewish fanily's struggle brings viewers to the realization the Jesus Christ is the Messiah! This motion picture was aired on over 200 major television stations in prime time throughout North America, and in other countries worldwide!


Three Healing Festivals were conducted in November 2004. In Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. Thousands attended and the Lord moved mightily, including with healings and salvations.


First ever world-wide school of ministry in ISRAEL.


In 2006, Brother Cerullo conducted five Schools of Ministry in Israel. The were translated into Hebrew, Spanish, and other international languages. Several thousand Israeli, Arab, Ethiopian, Filipino, Hispanic, and Russian Nationals received The Elijah Institute mentoring materials.


Three Israel training and impartation meetings of The Elijah Institute were conducted in Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. Each attendee received the Proof-Producer message on DVD in their own language.


Over seven hundred Arabs joined with Sabra Jews, Spanish Jews, and Russian Jews and jammed into Hangar 11 in the historic 2010 Morris Cerullo Israel Outreach.


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