3 - Finances / Provisions

Rev. Jacqueline

I called your ministry for prayer for a financial breakthrough. I had not worked in two weeks and needed money to pay my bills. Your prayer minister prayed for a breakthrough to come now and that I would receive “unexpected money coming in from unexpected places.” Praise God for His goodness! I received a nice-sized check that came from an unexpected place.

- Illinois


I had been out of work for some time, not having enough money to pay bills or give much, But, I stood on the Word and believed God would turn my situation around. I joined Brother Cerullo for the 40-day period of prayer and fasting from December 1st until the 9th of January, believing for a breakthrough. God heard my cry and blessed me with a good job. I received a call from the school district in my area offering me a teaching position. I give God all the praise, and thanks to Morris Cerullo for calling the 40-day fast as God spoke to his heart.

- Louisiana


My real estate client was trying to do a short sale on her home. Every time we received an offer, the bank would be so difficult to work with and they would want a higher offer. I escalated the file to the Office of Executive Resolution. My client received a miracle! Instead of approving the short sale, they modified her loan. Her principle forgiveness was in the amount of: $309,329.93. Her old interest rate of 6.625% was reduced to 2%. Her new principle balance $84,000. Her old payment of $1,829.73 reduced to $604.61. The property has now become an income-producing property for her! Praise the Lord!

- Maryland


I want to glorify the Lord’s Name. I was going through a very bad financial crisis as I was waiting for my provident fund amount from my previous company, who was not being helpful in this matter. I was praying to the Lord for help. I submitted a prayer request to you also. During this time, my niece fell sick. She needed to be admitted to the hospital immediately, but I didn't have the money. The Lord has done a miracle in my life! He sent the money miraculously at the same moment we needed to admit my niece to the hospital. I am praising God for this blessing. I love you, Jesus. I want to say thanks to your ministry for keeping me in your prayers.

- India


At the time my wife was about to give birth to our daughter and I was only working part time, we pledged $6,000 at an MCWE meeting in Chicago. Dr. Cerullo spoke on how God will bless you if you are obedient; then, he had the partners come down and he prayed over all of our wallets. A few weeks later, I received a job offer making $10,000 more than the job I had, but still it was not enough to complete my pledge. I prayed with faith to complete our pledge. At another MCWE meeting, the partners were asked to give $900 and again I felt led to give even though I had not finished giving on my $6,000 pledge. Again, Dr. Cerullo prayed over the partners’ wallets, and this time I received another job offer making $11,000 more money. It took a year and half, but I was able to give my last $1,800 toward my $6,000 pledge. We are now paid up, Praise God!

- Illinois

Jeremy & LaRisa

I responded to Ayo’s message, “God will remember you,” and sent in $99. Within two days, my lawsuit of a year and half was settled for $7,500.

- Washington

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