January 19, 2019


Hear Him Calling

"The sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice, and I know them and they follow Me" (John 10:27, AMP).

It is God's desire that His children have an open line of communication with Him. Just as our earthly parents find pleasure when we pick up the telephone and call home, our Heavenly Father delights in our communicating with Him.

Don't let the devil tell you that you are not "special" enough to hear from God. We must be able to hear His voice to know His will for our lives.

Just as Jesus listened for His Father's voice, so we need to be sensitive to His voice. Then, we can be led of the Spirit in our own lives and also minister to others.

You can hear God's voice through the pages of His Word. You can hear Him through that still small voice within. He can communicate to you through a dream or vision. At times, He will use another person as His vessel through which He will speak.

God wants to speak to you. Take the time right now to set aside all of today's anxieties, then wait on Him to give you a thought or a word from the Bible that will have a specific meaning to you. What an encouragement it will be to know that you can hear His voice.

God loves you and wants to answer your prayer. Say this prayer with me:

Father, I want to hear Your voice and have daily fellowship with You. Help me to have a listening ear, and to learn to tune out the sounds of the world when You call. I can sleep now with Your peace because You care enough to speak to me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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